Egotistical Puckboy | Eden Finley & Saxon James

When Ezra was introduced to readers  in Puck Drills and Quick Thrills I knew I needed more of this man. Preferably immediately! However, I was not prepared for the cockiness that this man was going to bring.  I had hoped that he had an even bigger heart, and friends Finley and James did not disappoint with his character.  Sometimes authors introduce us to characters and tease us with a stellar personality and don’t deliver in the next book.  I can honestly say that is definitely not the case here, if it is possible he is even more amazing than I had hoped.  He is a multilayered good guy that most are not lucky enough to see.  

Ezra is an out player in the NHL and likes to play the field. A LOT.  He is okay with being known as a puckboy.  He gets what he wants, others get what he wants and no attachments.  After a tough loss in a hockey town that hates his team he goes on drunken bender, and runs into his enemy, Anton Hayes.  The sexual tension between these two was so very intense. And SO SO SO HOT!  I was fanning myself, and that was before the hate sex. 

Anton Hayes is a gay NHL player, but not many people know it…he doesn’t advertise it.  While it might be somewhat public, that isn’t what he wants to be known for.  He wants to be known for his skills on the ice, and not for things off the ice. When he comes across Ezra drunk in his town, he does the right thing and brings him home.  Who knew the sexual tension was going to be so intense.  

When the pair start making headlines for their tension and rivalry on the ice people are concerned.  Ezra continues with his cocky ways but draws Anton in.  The chemistry is there, and the more and more time the pair spend together the more Anton is really getting to see the real Ezra.  And the more he likes who Ezra is.  While the pair have some serious chemistry they also have built a strong friendship that flows into a deep relationship.  And the evolution of the relationship is beautiful and one they never saw coming.  

Another aspect of every series that Finley and James write is the amazing friend groups.  They quickly become the support system and found family so many of the characters need, and this book is no different.  The Queer Collective is so aweosme.  I love the cameo’s from so many of the previous books and I go back and forth on whose book I want next! 

With all of the above said, this is one of the hardest book reviews to write because I just don’t have the words to do it justice.  Sometimes we wait for a book and it just doesn’t live up to the expectations or the characters aren’t what you expected.  But not in this book.  Finley and James nailed this book.  I could not put it down. And once I finished I was so sad it was over, because I want more of these two.  When I tell you I immediately started to reread it, I am not kidding.  If you are at all on the fence on this book, just do it.  It is 100% worth it.