Only When It’s Us by Chloe Liese

WHY OH WHY DID IT TAKE ME SO LONG TO READ THIS BOOK!!  This story is magical, entertaining, hot, sexy, emotional, sweet, swoony, and romantic!

This book has been recommended to me countless times and I have in turn recommend it to others without reading it.  Now I know why this story is getting so much love!  I was worried going in that maybe it was all hype, but this story delivers on every promise made! 

The characters in this story are amazing!   Willa is a fierce ball of fire, wild, hot blooded but also fragile and a skilled soccer star. Ryder is an equally closed off d-bag of a lumberjack, but for a reason.  The supporting characters in this story, Ryder’s family and roommates and Willa’s mom and roommate add so much to the story.  These characters help us see around the walls that both Willa and Ryder seem to be throwing up to keep their hearts safe. 

At first you might think these typical frenemies to friends and lovers book it goes beyond that.  This slow burn romance shows us the characters’ back stories. The way this is written cultivates an emotional connection to their story.  The emotional connection I felt to these characters started right from the get-go. The slow burn of this story leads to some exceptionally hot chemistry between Willa and Ryder makes you want to scream. So many times, in this story I was yelling at them to tear each other’s clothes! The sexual tension between them is part of what keeps you riveted with them.  The witty banter, the sarcastic responses is so enjoyable in this story. 

While I wanted them to get there HEA I really wasn’t ready for their story to end.   It’s one of the best sports romance/ frenemies theme with hilarious and adorable characters! Please read this book ASAP to heal your negative thoughts and laugh out loud with thinking any further.

This was a 5/5 Star read for me.  This story had everything including a huge emotional connection to the characters.  There was steam with out it being overtly sexual.  The banter and band forth between these two makes this a must read!