Mine to Guard by Kennedy Mitchell

Book #3 in the Protection Series

Having met Alec in the previous book in this series, I knew he was going to capture our hearts.  Having read the previous two books in this series, I wasn’t prepared.  I wasn’t prepared for the connection that Alec and Rae have, the suspense, and the way their story unfolded.  While Kennedy Mitchell is a new to me author, I know that I will be reading all of her books because she is just that good. 

Alec and Rae have a history, and have been separated for decades.  But the connection the shared was one that is hard to ignore or get over.  Those decades apart have been hard on them.  Especially Rae.  She is left with no one else to turn to for help than Alec.  Alec left for self preservation and never looked back.  He found success in the Texas Rangers but otherwise is lonely.  Someone is after Rae and she doesn’t know who or why.  She calls Alec to help her.  As he and a colleague dig into what is happening the story unfolds in pieces, and you will not want to stop until the end.  I promise.  Kennedy weaves in roadblocks and gives us just enough information to keep us on the edge of our seats! 

While I usually like my romances a little more steamy I will say that I didn’t miss it with this book. But when it was steamy it was hot and the connection the two have is awesome.  The writing was so good, and the story never felt stale or slow.  The characters are well defined and together they are just better.  I REALLY enjoyed this book and this series. I would highly recommend it to anyone that loves romantic suspense.  I adored this second chance romance!