Review: A Forest Between Us by Allie Winters

Rating: 4.5/5   PoP: 54%   Crescent Pass Book 1

What happens when you realize that what happens in Vegas does not always stay there? Harper Calloway just figured out that she actually married a stranger, Owen Taylor, in Vegas five years ago. An annulment seems to be the best solution so that they can both continue on with their separate lives. However, Harper is about to learn that things do not move as fast in the small town of Crescent Pass as they do in Chicago. 

I thought this was a rather funny way to approach the Vegas wedding trope. One that I could see happening. Harper’s character was a good mix of responsible and spontaneous. Hence how she ends up in this situation. Owen is a bit a recluse but he is so cute and honest with Harper that you cannot help but fall for him too. 

This is the first book in this series and it does a great job of forming a foundation for future books. We meet many side characters with just enough information that you crave more. I appreciated that dynamic of small town versus city life, coupled with the realization of growing older. Life evolves and we always have to make decisions on what it means for us and those we care for. This was a low angst book and part of that was Owen’s self sacrificing character and part was Harper gaining a new perspective. I look forward to read more stories from Crescent Pass.