Made for Me | Natasha Madison

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of the Something So, This Is, and Only One series so when this spin off series was announced I quickly pre-ordered every book that I could.  I was so excited to read Chase Grant’s book because while he is part of a hockey dynasty he doesn’t play professionally.  However, went into medicine like his aunt.  I adored his character when he would make appearances in previous books.  He is the laid back fun loving guy, so I was anxious to see where his career in medicine took him and to watch him fall in love.  

We are also no stranger to his heroine Julia.  She has been feisty since the day Natasha introduced us to her. Julia is a social worker in Dallas and from page one it was clear that she has great passion for what she does, but given her line of work there needs to be some boundaries with people in her personal life. 
When her professional life collides with her personal life, Chase is there to help Julia sort through it. How Chase so gently just takes care of Julia in a way that no other person has done for her was amazing.  They share some very emotionally intimate moments that Natasha does not shy away from.  This book has so much emotion. My heart was breaking for Julia, and it was clear that Chase was ready to wade through the hard stuff next to her as a team.  Julia also trusts Chase and leans on him like she has not done before.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Chase in his role as a doctor and Julia’s role as a social worker and how those professions may overlap, but also can take a toll on them emotionally.  Chase is able to balance that by being the team doctor, but also working part time at the hospital.  

While the Grant and Horton family play a huge role in this book, it isn’t forced.  It is clear that this family always puts family first 100% of the time.   Mathew and Max give us some serious laugh out loud moments, but most of all reminders of why we all fell in love with them and their family to begin with. 

This is an amazing start to the series that I cannot wait for more of!