Becky’s January TBR

I am not the best at sticking to a TBR but here is my attempt at a new year and new habits. I am hoping if I create a TBR and share them on a more regular basis it will hold me accountable. One of the challenges of sticking to a TBR is I absolutely experience bookish FOMO. I see people reading a book and raving about it and I must read it right then. In an effort to keep to a TBR I am taking less ARCs and review request.

Northern Stars by Brittainy Cherry
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Brittainy Cherry writes some very emotional and intense romances. I really have enjoyed the few books by her I have read and her Compass Series has been on my TBR for a while. After reading blurbs, which is unlike my typical chaotic self, I am going to start with the last book in the series. One of the things that caught my attention is the Hollywood Normative Trope. The draw to these types of romance is similar to wrong side of the attracts or opposites attract. The angst that happens in these kinds of romance is typically outside sources, creating a push and pull dynamic that is often out of the control of the characters.

Bartholomew by Penelope Sky.
Releasing Jan 13th

One of the first Dark Romance authors I ever read was author Penelope Sky. She create dynamic characters that have you championing the anti hero. often these heroes are strong men with convictions in their lifestyle choices. Usually they are driven by past events in their lives or family expectations. Bartholomew is book one in the new Empire Series. Sky tends to pit warring families against each other. Her books are not for everyone, there is often on page violence, consent can be dubious. If you are thinking of reading this author please make sure you check content and trigger warnings.

The RSVP by Lauren Blakely
Releasing January 4th in Kindle Unlimited

The first line of the blurb just pulled me in. We all know I am a fool for a forbidden, virgin + father’s business partner, standalone office romance. Lauren Blakely is a hit or miss author for me. But the last few books I have read by here have been really good. I am really connecting with her characters. The way in which she writes her humor is sometimes so over the top that I find her stories to be ridiculous. I am hoping this will be a very steamy office romance. I know that many people are not fans of the virgin trope. It can often be done in a way that brings up topics and triggers from purity culture. Sometimes however the loss of virginity can be more opportunity driven or be based on mental health and body image. I am always curious how authors approach this topic. As a sex positive advocate I think hating on the virgin trope show more your hang ups than it does the authors.

Stay Tonight by Kaylee Ryan
Releasing January 10th in Kindle Unlimited

Following the adventures in Willow Creek, Georgia and the Kincaid Family was one of the best things to happen in 2022 for me. I am really enjoying the characters and the worlds created by author Kaylee Ryan. The next title in this family series is a friends to Lovers Romance I am super excited for!

Three for the Money by Skye Warren
Releasing January 17th

This is the 3rd book in the Hughes Family Saga. The previous two books are out now and are available where ever you get books. This is the story of Eva Morelli and Finn Hughes. At the end of Two for the Show we are left with Eva and Finn trying to figure out how to cope with their families and the impending parenthood. I love the world built in the Midnight Dynasty by Dangerous Press. THese stories are dark with a right balance of kink and dynamic characters. I am so looking forward to this title.

Whispers of You by Catherine Cowles
Releasing Jan 31st

Catherine Cowles is releasing a new series back in the small town of Sutter Lake. I love these small town romances with phenomenal romantic suspense elements. Her previous series are so well written with such great emotions I am excited for this new series.

There are a few other books I am sure I will pick up along the way for podcast episodes and when the mood strikes me. Let me know if you have books you think I should be reading. I am always looking for new authors and new books to experience.