Review: Lost Track by Heidi Hutchinson

Rating: 5/5  PoP: Fade to Black  Common Threads Book 5

Dave Hensen, aka Sunshine Capone, has sworn off dating after yet another girlfriend has caused severe property damage. It is a cycle that must be broken, Dave believes refraining from physical intimacy will help. Sabine Dubois is a tutor to celebrities and their children. When she first meets Dave, she is a bit stuck. I will not spoil it but, it is a very relatable meet-cute from which a natural friendship grows.  

I have to give this book high praises for its realistic portrayal of someone living with ADHD and the adaptations that not only they, but the people that love them must make. I have first hand experience of loving and living with someone with ADHD and it is different for every person but small changes can make a big impact. We see it portrayed in a healthy way through Dave’s friends, Max and Leslie. We all need a Max in our life, and I hope we get to hear his story too. I love how open Dave was with the fact that his brain works differently and his struggle to over explain. It is obvious that his upbringing still has a strong impact on his worldview. He is a celebrity but is still very much human. Sabine understands difficult relationships with parents and working to make your own success. Her mother left her in a position where she cannot easily accomplish her dreams. She is making the best of things, and is unashamed to be herself. I love her quirky cardigan buttons and Star Wars fandom. Dave is instantly attracted to her but because of his own imposed celibacy, they form a friendship first. These are my favorite types of friends to lover romances because we get to see everything being constructed. We see the trust and support develop before the physical parts of the relationship. This is a slow burn, fade to black book but even if that is not your normal jam I recommend taking a chance on this book, especially if you or someone you love lives with ADHD. It is a wonderful example of how we all think differently but can still be understood and loved.