Leif’s Serenity by Misty Walker | Brigs Ferry Bay Series

From the first book in this series I knew I had to read every single book in this series.  And if Brigs Ferry Bay were a real place, I would be headed there like TODAY!  This quiet seaside small town is filled with an amazing cast of characters with heart, charisma, humor, and lots and lots of love to give!

Leif is the definition of Wanderlust. He dreamed of being a travel blogger, getting paid to travel the world and encourage others to travel.  After a painful coming out he was finally able to live out his dream.  Leif has over a million followers on Instagram watching him travel the globe, but inside he is lost. He doesn’t have an actual home and lives in hotels or his car.  He carries all of his belongings with him.  The only person he is tied to is his best friend, Ava.  He realizes his life is far from Instagram perfect.  A gig brings him to Brigs Ferry Bay where he finds his way into Fernando’s family’s diner.  

Fernando is busy running his family’s diner, caring for his ailing father, supporting his mother, and keeping his younger brothers in line.  There is no time for fun.  Let alone a relationship.  But it is really what he is craving.  He desperately needs some time for himself to be the person that he wants to be, not what others need.  So when Leif wanders into town, they agree a week of no strings attached sex is what they both need.  And it is HOT.  Very hot.  These two have an amazing connection.  There is a pretty awesome scene in the moonlight that you don’t want to miss!  What Leif and Fernando never bargained for was a connection like they have never experienced.  

While the focus of the story is on Leif and Fernando, obviously Walker included some amazing and strong supporting characters in this story.  Fernando’s mom, Lucy is the mom we all need in our lives.  While her world is crumbling she takes sweet Leif in and loves this lost boy.  Another favorite of mine was Leif’s best friend, Ava.  She is sassy, funny, and is not afraid to put Leif in his place.  She also becomes a mom, and watching her support and stand up for Leif was perfection.  The mama bear’s in this story are amazing and love these two with their whole hearts!

I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a little angst with their romance, a good amount of steamy scenes, funny banter and fabulous side characters.I think you need to read this series! This entire series needs to be read to fully understand the dynamics!