Slow Burn Romances

I love a slow burn in a romance books.  But at times I hate them as well. Most of that frustration comes because of the way in which an author creates the slow burn.  The slow burn romances can be frustrating because there are times when I read a book and NEED THEM TO GET TOGETHER.  But other times, the slow burn is so engaging, and the chemistry is perfect that the slow burn is barely acknowledged because of the way in which the story is weaved. 

Then there are the romances in which the author almost purposely keeps the main couple apart and adds angst for no reason.  Unneeded angst is one of my pet peeves. Angst is a great tool but sometimes it is overdone.  But the perfect slow burn has a balance of relationship, angst, and heat.  Here is a list of some of my favorite slow burns.

Slow Burn TBR:

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