Jock Royal by Sara Ney

|Book #4 in the Jock Hard series and available on KU|

Sara Ney’s strength is definitely the meet cutes!  How Ash and Georgie meet.  It’s adorable and hilarious.  After their first, uncomfortable encounter they find themselves not only in class together but also a group.  Georige puts her southern charm on, but it is no match for this grumpy Brit! Both college athletes and finishing up their last year both Georgie and Ashley (Ash) are focusing on school, having zero time for relationships.  Once Georige moves into Ash’s house, because what college senior wants to live in the dorms?  Once settled the pair fall into an easy friendship.   

I will be honest, my feelings for Georgie ebbed and flowed throughout the book!  There were times where I adored her and some where I was like, girl what are you doing!  But in the end this girl won my heart over. I feel like this characters grew a lot and found exactly what she was needing, but where she least expected it.  

Ashley (Ash), sweet sweet Ash! I knew his gruff grumpiness was not real.  But his proper Britishness was a definite highlight for me! This guy has a lot of pressure on him, that so many around him don’t see.  I can totally understand his need to attend school in the State and live a “normal” college experience.  But also, the relationship he has with his mum warms my heart.  He and his family surprised me in the best way possible.  

Together Ash and Georgie are quite the pair….if they could just get out their own way and go with the flow!  But I guess characters never listen and they need to learn for themselves, ha!  For real these two are adorable and so perfect for each other. They seem to click and completely understand the other.  And they are always down for hanging out on the couch watching the telly.  

In true Ney fashion I was laughing throughout the book, like serious belly laughing!  If you are looking for some fun, great characters with a lot of heart, a new twist on a trope, and a grumpy-sunshine duo then this is the book for you!  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the series!  If you have not read them you DEFINITELY should! (These books are fantastic, but also stellar audiobooks if that is your jam!)  

Sara Ney is always a must read for me, and this book was no different.  This book is available in KU, and is book #4 in the Jock Hard series).