Line Mates & Study Dates by Eden Finley & Saxon James

MM College Hockey Romance | book # 4 in the CU Hockey Series

I have been anxiously awaiting this book.  I ADORE all of the characters in this series.  Having briefly “meeting” Asher in the previous book I wasn’t sure if I was going to like him.  I should have known better.  Of course, Eden and Saxon gave us two amazing characters to love. 
Asher uproots his seemingly perfect life as an NHL prospect to move home to help take care of his 5 younger siblings.  To say he is bitter is an understatement.  Grief is complicated and there is often a lot to unpack, and Asher’s story did not disappoint.  And the animosity between Asher and his brother West is pretty palpable.  But Asher….sweet, sweet burnt cinnamon roll… he totally melted me.  

Then there is Kole. The coach’s son.  Pre-Med and the sunshine everyone needs in their lives. Kole has everything going for him. Instantly you adore him and you can tell this man loves so hard.  And is just so kind hearted.  But there is a rift between him and his dad…..and somehow he ends up as the equipment manager for the CU hockey team.  He takes Asher under his wing and decides tutoring him would be a great idea.  I thought that Kole was going to be a pushover, but I am happy to say his man surprised me in all of the best ways.  

I appreciated how their relationship transpired and while it was steamy….the focus was truly on them building a relationship and friendship with lots of hot and steamy parts. Their relationship blossomed and they each were able to show the other person their true selves. While they both thought it was a friends to benefits arrangement it was clear to us as readers they were falling…..hard and fast for each other.  And it was obvious to see why.  While at times I felt that Kole’s story almost took a backseat to Ashers’ storyline, there was just a lot going on in his life but supporting Asher is where Kole shined.  He was his sounding board and encouragement.  That isn’t to say that Asher didn’t see Kole, because he totally did and it felt that their relationship was give and take.  I always feel connected to Eden and Saxon’s characters, their struggles are real and the lives they live are so relatable.  To say I need more of these two is an understatement….these two complement each other in the best ways.  
As in so many of their books get brief snippets of previous characters in the series, because we all adore them still….I am holding out hope for a CU reunion where they are all together *hint*!

If you have not picked up this series, I highly recommend reading it.  While these are college romances, the characters are mature, realistic struggles and relationships.  This series is one I recommend over and over to hockey, MM, and romance readers!