Made for Romeo | Natasha Madison

Romeo, Romeo, Romeo.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about him.  He clearly screwed up REAL big for Gabriella to be THAT mad at him.  And he sort of came off a little “douchey”.  But Romeo is so much more than he lets the world think he is.  It is clear that he only is himself around those he trusts, and given his life being raised in Hollywood there are not a lot of people he has been able to trust.  But Gabriella was someone he trusted from the start.  And it felt like she was someone that he wanted to protect from his public persona,  she was able to see the real Romeo.  

Gabriella always seemed to be the free spirit in the family.  She does what makes her happy and will try new things.  I think she does this because she knows that her family is her soft spot to land.  You could say a lot for the Stone/Grant/Horton family but they love so hard and are ALWAYS there for their family.  They show up!  So when things go sideways for Gabriella that is what she does.  She goes home, which is where her twin is.  I love how Natasha set this up because the emotions were so high when Gabriella opened the door and Romeo was standing there.  This scene you could almost feel all the emotions that Gabriella was feeling.  

How can a man that breaks a woman’s heart redeem himself so well?  Be genuine and own your mistakes.  And wow does this man do all of those things and more.  SO MUCH.  This man does not just say he is changed, he shows Gabriella how hard he is working to be the man that she deserves.  Bottom line, Romeo shows up and together Gabriella and Romeo build a relationship that is perfect for them.  Once again Natasha does not disappoint in this series. This series has so much emotion, but still has the playful humor and antics from the Stone/Grant/Horton that know and love, but it is also couple focused.  Gabriella and Romeo stole my heart, and I know that they will steal yours! I am so excited for what is in store for this series, as well as the crossovers coming!!! If you love a family series, some big feelings, some seriously steamy scenes, and a groveling hero this book should be on your kindle ASAP!!!