Review: Judgement by Willa Jade

Rating: 3/5
Series: Sons of Sin Book 1
Tropes: Age-gap, virgin auction, dark romance, mafia, Stern Brunch Daddy, Alpha-hero,
Pop: 58%

CW: Judgment is a dark romance with elements some readers might find difficult to read. For a full list of warnings, visit

The blurb of this book had me all in with out much thought. I am always interested in a virgin auction trope and dark romance stories.  This book does end with an clear HEA. 

Paisley is a great heroine. She is passionate with such a caring soul.  Her life is not easy.  Her mother is very sick, and Paisley is doing everything she can to get her mother the medical care she needs.  She is working two job but it just isn’t enough. This leads her to the decision to sell her virginity. This isn’t a matter of her “saving her virginity”, this is more Paisley doesn’t date. She made a choice a long time ago that she never wanted to be seen as a sexual person or wanted just for her body. As a reader I really connected with Paisley, she is bold and doesn’t hide in the corner. Even though her life is hard she is still doing everything she can to see the good and the Brightside of life.

Andre is the purest of Stern Brunch Daddies. The head of a division of The Association, he is working hard at establishing his dominance with in the NYC community.  He is protective and mysterious.  His decisions are calculated but he did not factor in the quandary that is Paisley.  He was not prepared for his attraction to her. The draw she has on his soul. 

The chemistry and passion in this book were amazing! I was 100% in on this book. Even though this book is dealing with some tough issues it does not in any way extinguish the chemistry. I also really liked that the consent in this book is very clear. Never is Paisley forced to do something she does not want to do; it also allows the reader to see the softness of Andre with out him losing his alpha feels.   While it can be hard to create moments of swoon or grand gestures in dark romance, especially with an alpha anti-hero, however this author does accomplish that.

I can not wait for book 2 in this series as I think Andre’s brothers are going to fall as hard as he did if not harder.  I absolutely would recommend this title.