If You Hate Me | Helena Hunting

When Helena started dropping hints for a new hockey series set in Toronto I was ecstatic, like many other readers.  But friends, I was not prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that Beatrix and Tristan took us on.  

Tristan and Bea or Rix have known each other forever.  Tristan is Rix’s brother’s best friend. They also both happen to be professional hockey players.  When Rix finds herself in desperate need of a place to live and jobless she crashes at her brothers where he lives with his best friend, Tristan.  Rix and Tristan clash and their banter is seriously next level.  The tension was thick and the only way to cut it was to hate f#!k, obviously.  And oh my goodness can Helena write a steamy scene like a boss. And friends, these two could not keep their hands off one another.  Tristan is deliciously grumpy and a next level dirty talker! Of course, secretly hooking up with your brother’s best friend while he entertains puck bunnies is fun and exciting until all the feelings get involved.  

What I love most about Helena’s characters is they feel so real, they have hang ups, quirks, and trauma like real people.  Rix and Tristan are no different.  Tristan has focused on hockey his whole life and often feels the weight of responsibility on his shoulders.  While Rix feels most comfortable putting others first, and making sure others needs are getting met before her own. From the start it was clear that these two were made for one another, and their journey to their HEA was so hard fought! 

The Toronto Terror is filled with dynamic and awesome characters and I cannot even decide which players book I want next! If you love a found family, friend/team group aspect with lots of fun witty banter this book must be on your TBR list! I promise you will fall head over heels in love with Grumpy Tristan! This is another amazing read by Helena Hunting!


Rating: 5 stars
POV: First Person, Dual POV
POP: 23 %

Series: Book 1 Toronto Terror

Type of Series: Interconnected Standalone
Tropes: close proximity, brothers best friend, best friends little sister, grumpy/sunshine, friends with benefits, secret relationship, forbidden  

Release Date: 3/7/24
Available on Kindle Unlimited