Violent God by Sarah Bale

A Riveting Return to the Dark Underworld – Violent God by Sarah Bale

“Violent God,” the first installment in the Defiant God Brotherhood series by Sarah Bale, is a thrilling journey back into the gripping world of secret societies with dark mafia undertones. Unlike Bale’s previous works, this book tones down the kink but compensates with intricate world-building that had me hooked from page one. While the heroine’s perspective was captivating, I yearned for more exploration of her new life as certain pivotal moments felt rushed off-page, leaving me craving a deeper dive into her experiences. Nevertheless, the story unfolds as an exciting ride full of secrets, angst, betrayal, and deceit.

Alessandro’s commitment to the Brotherhood takes a compelling turn when his past collides with his latest assignment, leading him to claim the curvaceous Isabetta as his own wife. The narrative unfolds with one discovery after another, revealing that the seemingly secure Brotherhood is not as safe as it appears. Alessandro’s possessive and protective nature takes center stage, with Isabetta proving to be a resilient and fearless partner in the face of uncertainty.

The novel successfully reintroduces characters from Bale’s previous series, adding layers of familiarity for fans of her dark and intense storytelling. The anticipation for Brooks’s story is palpable, promising even more excitement in future installments.

In conclusion, “Violent God” is a quick and exhilarating return to the captivating dark world created by Sarah Bale. Perfect for fans of dark mafia, secret societies, forced marriages, and age-gap romances, this novel offers a suspenseful and enticing escape into a world filled with danger and desire.

Book Stats:
Rating : 4/5
Series:The Defiant God Brotherhood
Type: Interconnected Standalones
Tropes: accidental-pregnancy, age-gap, anti-hero, billionaire, dark-moment-no-break-up, forced-marriage, forced-proximity, mafia, real-body, strangers-to-lovers, virgin-trope, wedding
Pop: 30%