“Holding” by Alexandria House

A Rollercoaster of Love and Redemption – A Review of “Holding” by Alexandria House

“Holding,” the second book in the St. Louis Sires series by Alexandria House, takes readers on an emotional journey through the intricate dance of love, loss, and rediscovery. The novel revolves around childhood neighbors turned enemies turned best friends turned lovers, Terrence Ford and his ex-wife, Krystle. As their lives unfold in alternating timelines, the story explores the complexities of their relationship, offering readers an intimate glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of love.

One aspect of the book that might divide readers is the use of alternating timelines. Personally, I found it a bit challenging to follow at times, as it required a keen attention to detail. However, as the narrative progressed, I appreciated how this technique added depth to the story, revealing layers of the characters’ history and emotions. While not my preferred style, House executed it with finesse, allowing the reader to piece together the puzzle of Terrence and Krystle’s journey.

Where “Holding” truly shines is in its portrayal of the characters. The author has a knack for creating individuals that resonate with the reader, making them feel real and relatable. Terrence and Krystle’s relationship is a rollercoaster of emotions, and I found myself invested in their journey from start to finish. Terrence, with his understanding and loving nature, serves as a strong support system for Krystle as she grapples with her bipolar disorder. The genuine portrayal of mental illness is a commendable aspect of the book, shedding light on the importance of communication and empathy in such relationships.

The exploration of love, loss, and mental illness is handled with sensitivity and nuance. Krystle’s journey to self-discovery and the challenges she faces with her mental health add layers of authenticity to the narrative. While some may argue that Krystle should have disclosed her condition earlier in the relationship, the book emphasizes the importance of mental health care and the ongoing process of understanding and supporting a loved one.

One of the highlights of “Holding” is the infusion of humor throughout the narrative, a signature touch of Alexandria House. The author skillfully weaves in moments of levity, providing relief from the heavier themes and adding a delightful balance to the overall story.

In conclusion, “Holding” is a novel that offers readers a rich tapestry of emotions, from the highs of love to the lows of loss and mental illness. While the alternating timelines may pose a challenge for some, the well-developed characters and the genuine exploration of complex themes make this a worthwhile read. Alexandria House once again delivers a compelling story filled with intimacy, healing, and the promise of forever.

I listened to the audiobook read by Jakobi Diem and Wesleigh Siobhan and it was fantastic. They brought these characters to life. If Wesleigh reads it I am 100% there to listen!

Book Stats:
Rating: 4/5
Series: St. Louis Sires
Tropes: Second Chance, Mental Health Rep, Childhood Friends, Hockey Romance, Sports Romance