Hoax Husband by Candice M. Wright

A playboy billionaire claiming never to want to marry because he has spent his whole life watching his father be a serial marriage. Now needs to present himself as “settles” in order to close a business deal. As he is making plans to present himself as “settled he comes across a Vegas wedding from a year ago he doesn’t remember.  But he does remember the fun he had with the girl from Vegas.  (Steam on page 10)

This book was filled with some amazing one-of-a-kind characters. 

Linda, the tattooed painter with rainbow hair and a strong personality. She is a fierce character who is just discovering how to find her joy.

Asher was your regular possessive alpha male.  A man uses to getting what he wants when he wants it.  These two were explosive together.  Making for some amazing sparks between them. 

Of course, their lack of communication is the major conflict in their relationship. The lack of dialogue between them does make it harder to follow their journey. Their relationship was heavy on the physical and not as engaging. 

You really get the banter and knowing Linda through her conversations with Graham Morgan.  Making for some fun and witty exchanges.  
If you want a quick and engaging steamy read this is a good one! 4/5