Between Commitment and Betrayal by Shain Rose

Between Commitment and Betrayal proved to be a remarkably consumable narrative, one that I managed to engage with in nearly a single sitting. I must admit that the initial premise of the tale held a spark of promise; however, the execution itself was regrettably devoid of ingenuity.

This is one of those books the more I think on it the more I am not sure how I feel about it. 

I am going to make a statement you often don’t hear me say- there was way to much sex in this book, it was unsettling.

The narrative’s core orbited around Declan’s insistent demands upon Evie, her subsequent non-compliance, and the subsequent cycles of dispute culminating in their eventual intimate encounter. Regrettably, this pattern appeared trite and monotonously recurrent.

Within the narrative, there existed moments of tension and emotional turmoil. Yet, the divergence between genuine drama and mere angst lay in the development that precipitates either emotional facet. My predilection leans toward the latter—a manifestation of emotion stemming from the organic evolution of events. Angst, in its truest form, entails a gradual crescendo, a meticulously constructed tale that gives rise to tangible sentiments. Conversely, drama often exists in a more haphazard manner, frequently lacking a substantial catalyst and sometimes even lingering gratuitously. It seems to exist almost as an end unto itself.

Book Stats:
Rating: 2.5 Stars
Series: Hardy Brothers
Type: Interconnected standalones
Tropes: age-gap, forced-marriage, advisories-to-lovers, after-sports, boss, close-proximity, co-workers, dirty-talker, dub-con, family-series, instant-attraction, miscommunication, possessive-alpha-hero, surprise-pregnancy
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