Fractured Souls by Neva Altaj

Fractured Souls by Neva Altaj is an incredibly fitting title for this book. The characters’ jagged edges, fear of rejection, and suffocating loneliness are all deeply explored, resulting in a heartbreaking yet healing experience from start to finish.

In the author’s notes Neva Altaj include trigger warnings, but nothing could prepare us for the overwhelming urge to comfort these fictional characters with a hug. 

At the start of the book, we witness firsthand the unthinkable trauma that Asya is enduring. It is heartbreaking and overwhelming, and we can feel her helplessness and despair. However, the lead up to her eventual escape is intense, and her rescue comes unexpectedly. 

Pavel, a character who I didn’t quite recall from previous books, has his own inner demons that have haunted him since childhood. He knows the pain of loneliness and abandonment, and his doubts and fears about Asya and their future are evident throughout the story. Despite this, Asya sees him as her savior, recognizing his kindness and protectiveness towards her. His actions towards her speak volumes after months of abuse. 

Pavel’s efforts to help Asya heal are admirable, as he spends a significant amount of time seeking professional advice and figuring out how to best support her. He is patient and understanding, never showing any anger or impatience towards her. His possessiveness is motivated by a desire to shield her from further pain and suffering. 

This is a slow burn story, with Asya’s journey to healing being the focus. It is a captivating and never dull experience to witness how she gradually overcomes her trauma. Although scars will always remain, there is hope that they will not continue to haunt her forever. 

As someone who has been following this series, I have grown to love the stories and characters. The author’s talent for bringing light and love to dark subjects is truly impressive, resulting in captivating and memorable tales. 

Book Stats:
Rating: 4/5
Series: Perfectly Imperfect Series
Tropes: Mafia, Rescue, Protector, virgin heroine, Love after Trauma, Close Proximity,

If you are reading this title please check content and trigger warnings.

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