Ep38: New Spice and the HEA with Mindy McKinley

On this episode we are talking about New Spice and the HEA with author Mindy McKinley. Mindy is our first return guest. We had Mindy on back in November of 2020 to talk about her debut release At Last.   She is back to talk about all her upcoming projects and some super spicy Novellas she is indie publishing under the name Mimi Kinley.  

Bio: Mindy is a Contemporary Romance author, avid reader, and cellist. She lives in the Midwest with her drummer husband and two adorable cats. In her life outside of writing, she is a music teacher, a small business owner, and a professional musician.

What else we’re reading this week/weekend: 
Becky- Call Me Crazy by Melanie Harlow 
Leah-I just finished up Book 5 in Emma Renshaw’s Vow Series…and I am going to dive into book 6 soon.

Notable Upcoming releases:

Frayed by Laura Polvac
Fair Game by Lisa Suzanne this is book 3 in her Vegas Aces Football series.  

Busy Weeks Ahead:  We have a bunch of Happy Hour Events coming in the next 10 days. If you aren’t following us on the youtube you should be!  We have some amazing authors on the list! 

Next Up (what we are discussing next time): We are chatting with author Marla Holt. Marla writes all the books that people say you shouldn’t. We are going to chat with her about pushing the boundaries and taboo topics.

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