Ep 122: Going to The Wedding – Trope Talk

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance we are going to The Wedding, a Trope Talk with contributors Rachel and Heather. We are talking all about the wedding trope. The Wedding Date, Wedding Planner, Love amongst the Wedding Party, Vegas Wedding and Jilted Bride/Groom.

Not shocking there are a lot of romance novels around a wedding.  We will be providing 1-2 book recs per trope. You can find a list of all the Book Recs for your TBR here
Special Shout out to author Kelly Jamieson for her love of The Wedding!!

The Buzzing about Romance Girl Crush Tour is coming.. We are in the process of coming up with our Girl Crushes.  You can vote for the community Girl Crush on our website until October 27th.  The Girl Crush Episode will drop on 11/6.  

Book of the Week:   

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Next time:  Podcast Contributor Carolina and Lindsey will be joining to talk about those smoldering Slow Burn Romances.  The Chemistry of those and what takes to make even Becky to love and recommend a Slow Burn.   

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