Last First Kiss by Carrie Ann Ryan

One look across the aisle at a wedding and I fell in lust.

Last First Kiss, an all-new single dad, forced proximity, contemporary romance from New York Times bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan is now available!

The Montgomery Ink Legacy series continues with a workplace fling romance that starts off with a literal bang. Daisy Montgomery Knight is about to meet her match when it comes to Hugh Hendrix.

One look across the aisle at a wedding and I fell in lust.

He’s on the bride’s side. I’m on the groom’s.

But by the end of the night, we’re against a wall, over a table…and in bed.

I’m prepared never to see him again except in my memories.

Only the next week things become awkward: I’m his new boss.

And it turns out he’s just as demanding outside of the sheets as beneath them.

We need to stay away from each other—he has his demons, as well as an adorable little girl, and I’m trying to heal after a job gone wrong.

I know I need to walk away…even if neither one of us wants to.

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Narrated by Shane East and Kit Swann

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I turned the corner and bumped into a woman in sky-high heels, yet was still quite a bit shorter than me. I cursed and reached out, gripping her shoulders. She had her hand on my wrist in a moment, squeezing with a twist that surprised me. I knew that move. And if I wasn’t careful, she was going to twist my arm around my back. Interesting. 

Why did that make me hard? There was something wrong with me, and I needed to either get laid, or get some sleep. Probably both. 

“I’m sorry. I wasn’t watching where I was going, and I’m trying to be quick about it. I apologize.” I gently moved my arms from her shoulders and tried not to stand agog with my mouth open. She was quite possibly the most gorgeous woman I had ever met in my life. 

And, in my line of work, I tended to meet a lot of beautiful women. 

She had stunning green eyes that looked as if they were crafted within the ocean. In fact, I bet in sunlight they looked gray or even blue. The mystery of it compelled me, and that probably should have been a warning sign. Her long dark hair was neatly crafted into some form of updo thing that I didn’t understand. I wondered what it would look like if I pulled it out of its style, just to see it fall down her back. Would it be wavy? Would it easily wrap around my fist? 

She was strong, muscular, a little above average height, but still short next to me. 

She had curves, beautiful breasts that filled out her dress achingly well, and slightly widened hips, the perfect width for my grip. 

I shook myself out of whatever the hell was going on with me. I did not react to women like this. Hell, I barely reacted at all these days. I was too busy trying to keep up with my daughter, this move, and the fact that I would start a new job on Monday. I didn’t have time for this wedding. 

“It’s okay,” the woman said, her voice slightly smoky. It was a voice that drew me. 

What the hell was wrong with me? 

“Anyway, I should hurry. Don’t want to be late.” 

Her red tinted lips quirked into a smile, and I swallowed hard. 

“No, I don’t think Henry’s bride will appreciate that.” 

“You’re on the groom side then?” 

She nodded. “And with that accent, I guess you’re on the bride’s side?” 

“You know, you’re not the first person to say that today. Your friend could know more than one British person, not just the one he’s marrying.” 

“True. But statistically, I think Rina knows a few more.” 

“You know, you’re probably right.” 

“Anyway, I will see you. At least across the aisle.” She winked, before she turned towards the wedding center, her hips swaying just right. I didn’t think she was doing it on purpose either. It was those damn heels, and those legs that went on for days. And she was so damn strong. So muscular. 

I shook that off, because I didn’t want to walk into the wedding after it started, and ran to the bathroom, cleaned the back of my neck, washed my hands, and let out a breath as I leaned on the sink. 

“You can do this. One more day of being normal.” 

Whatever normal was. 

I made it to my seat in the middle pew right as the processions began. I was grateful that I hadn’t had to slip in the middle of it or hide behind a pillar during the damn ceremony. That would’ve been just my luck. 

Of course, it seemed my luck was changing, because as I turned to watch the procession, I saw the dark-haired beauty right across from me. She winked as the man next to her spoke into her ear and she laughed, a nice husky laugh that went straight to my groin. 

She had brought a fucking date. I guess that answered that. 

Now to just get my cock to agree.

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