Ep 188 Aliens, Monsters and Bonkers

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance we are talking all about Alien, Monster, Bonkers Romances you never thought you would love. Stories with Blue Aliens, Doors and Tentacles and the delight they bring to readers.   

Discussion Topics:
  • What is the draw to Alien/Monster Romances ?   
  • How did you find Monster Romance?  
  • Popularity of Ruby Dixion.  
  • Suspending belief to read  
  • Do you find reading these easier than say PNR?   
  • Lore/World Building seems easier to believe  

Book of the Week

New Segments- Can you guess the book- Each week we will share a quote from a recent or popular Buzzing about Romance Read- You have the chance to Email us your guess at [email protected] .  We will announce the correct guess on next week’s show. 

This weeks Quote –
“And then I want to weep. To think I haven’t dressed properly for alien abduction.”

Books Mentioned this Episode

Titan by Jillian Graves- Gargoyle Doms  

Monster Pucker by Clio Evans, Ashley Bennett – Yeti and  Krampus   

Mead Mishaps by Kimberly Lemming  

Morning Glory Milking Farm by CM Nascosta  

Muscles and Monsters by Ashley Bennett  

Tentacles & Triathlons (Leviathan Fitness, #2)  

Stalked by the Kraken by Lillian Lark  

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon  

Dear Monster Claus by  Maeve Black 

Planet Oster by Vera Valentine  

Cookies for My Orc Neighbor (Sweet Monster Treats, #1) by  Michele Mills  

Cupcakes for My Orc Enemy (Fairhaven Falls, #1) by  Honey Phillips 

Accidental Alien Brides by January Bell (KU) [8 book series….loved it! And I want to binge it so bad!!!!]  

-Anna Hackett 

-His Human Slave by Renee Rose (kobo+) -kinky/BDSM- 

-Night of the Zandians by Renee Rose (kobo+) some of these are RH!!!!  

-Morning Glory Milk Farm 

-Edge of Eon Anna Hackett 

-Time Theif Anna Hackett   


Unhinged by Vera Valentine- Door Shifter  

Squeak- by Vera Valentine – balloon animal shifters  

Candy for My Orc Boss (Monsterville, USA, #1) by  Ava Ross  

Authors- Katee Robert  

Kathryn Moon  

Warts and Claws Inc by Clio Evans- Vagina Fangs-  

  • Monsters & Witches 
  • SPICY office romance 
  • Enemies to Lovers 
  • All the kinks… 

Jamie Schlosser – Between Dusk and Dawn Series

Dani Wyatt – Return of the Horde Series (Orcs)

Pamela Bones – Erotic Excavations

Cynthia Eden—Monster of Mercy

Michelle Mills – Monsters Love Curvy Girls

Michelle Mills; Olivia T. Turner; Hope Ford—Highest Bidder Series

Anna Hackett—Eon Warriors Series; Galactic Gladiator Series; Galactic Kings Series: Oronis Knights Series (ALL alien)

Milly Taiden – Alien Needs a Nanny Series

Zoey Draven—Horde Kings of Dakkar, Brides of the Kylorr; Warriors of Luxiria

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