De-Café Review of Flirting with the Single Dad [The Single Dads of Seattle Book 9] by Whitley Cox

I read this as a stand alone in the series and will be making the effort to go back and read the previous offerings.

Atlas Stark- Overwhelmed Single Dad and lawyer. Lost his first love and wife to cancer.  3.5-year-old daughter and 10-month-old adopted daughter. 

Tessa Copland- art therapist.  Recently boke up with a dog stealing cheater of a fiancé. 

This story is amazing! I loved wit and charm of Atlas & Tessa’s story. You can tell because of life Atlas is overwhelmed and closed off to most everything but his two daughters, Aria & the baby he adopted from his cousin baby CeCe.  

Atlas’ daughter Aria who is 3 and half starts acting out against baby CeCe his fellow single dads recommend a child therapist and fate opens the door with Tessa. Tessa comes with her own baggage, an ex-fiancé who stole her dog. This story is fun and quirky right from page one and could not put it down.  I always love instant attraction and chemistry between the characters.   The banter between the characters is entertaining and really helps move the story. I really enjoyed the quirkiness of Tess played against Atlas’ Type A personality.   

This was a great introduction for me to the world of Whitley Cox. I can not wait to see what she writes next.  This was a 4/5 read for me.  It was short and I got my HEA.  Some of Tess’ quirks were a little hard for me to get past.  I am not much of a healing crystal type of person, but it did play well with Atlas, just felt over the top.