Ian is not only a top hockey player with the Las Vegas Sidewinders, he is also a Harvard educated lawyer and his extended family lives in a castle in Scotland.

Everly is a photojournalist from Seattle, in Scotland to work on a book about Scotland’s castles. She is used to keeping people at a distance and is reluctant to trust anyone.

Their meet-cute takes place at a pub where Ian is celebrating with some of his hockey friends and Everly walks in soaked, muddy, and struggling with her rental car in a ditch. A dead phone and a credit card not working.

This story had so many feels! It was funny, sexy, romantic, and sad, with the backdrop of Scotland.  Ian is now in my top five of romantic hockey player, plus he wears a kilt! Everly, has so many layers to her.  She seems to be carrying so much baggage, but she has a presence about her.  

Kat Mizera has away of writing these amazing strong larger than life heroes and real down to earth heroine. Ian is not what you would call an optimistic personality.  Everly and Ian both have so much emotion to wade through for them to be together. As the characters work through their relationship, Kat gives us a tour of Scotland’s castles and a glimpse into hundreds of years of culture.

Ian and Everly’s story, fans of the Las Vegas Sidewinders will be morning the end of an amazing series. An enjoyable, flirty and sexy series that pulls an emotional punch, you’ll find yourself swooning one minute at the romance and tearing up the next. It’s got all the feels and is Quintessential stories readers have come to look forward to and expect from a Kat Mizera book.

Mizera also teases us with future stories to come.  The end of the Sidewinders series is the beginning so much possibility, and I can’t wait to see what adventure she has for us next. 

This was a 4.5/5 read for me.  I wanted more Hockey.    I know this story doesn’t really need it and it was the perfect way to end the Sidewinders Series, but I still wanted more hockey.