De-Café Review: A kiss for a Kiss by Helena Hunting

Rating: 4/5
Steam: 3/5
Angst: 2/5
Trope: Surprise Pregnancy, Mature romance, Taboo, Hockey Romance, Family
POV: Dual 1st person
Series: #4 All in Series (Standalone)

Hanna – “Momster” to NHL hockey goalie Ryan Kingston.  Hanna a mom at 14, her son Ryan was adopted by her parents and raised as theirs. 

Jake – NHL GM, Dad to Queenie.  Father-in-law to Ryan Kingston.  A dad at 19, his daughter’s mother walked out on them not interested in being a mom.

Jake and Hanna meet due to the connection and relationship between Ryan and Queenie.  That sparks and the magic fly from the start. (We meet them in A Secret for a Secret).   This was not a typical romance read but I expected that since they are mature characters, both are in the mid-forties.  Romance looks different when you are bit more settled into life. This story isn’t about getting to know the other person, most of this takes place off page for the couple.  This is a story more about finding a way to be with the one you love even if it makes things a bit unsettled in the process.  Oh, and by the way it is going to be easy because well babies!

This story is about to souls finding each other and having a mature and thoughtful approach to figuring it out.  I enjoyed the small snippets of some of my favorites from past Helena Hunting stories.  This a well written, well done romance. The right balance of emotion and sexy. A story of 2 people finding each other and then realizing what had been missing in their lives. Neither character was looking for love but through a very natural way they found sexual attraction and eventually an HEA.  This romance is very low angst and is very storyline driven.  The getting to know you and relationship development mostly takes place off page with more emphasis being on how to handle a surprise late in life pregnancy along with the fact that their grown children are married to each other. 

I would have liked more relationship on the page but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me.  As always Helena Hunting is a one Click author me and I will keep reading whatever she writes!