Book Box Frustrations

Let me start this by saying, I love a book box. Especially if it is a curated box that is specific to an author that I love to read. That being said, there is an expectation when you receive a book box that I think should be met. I was super excited about this special edition Sara Ney box from Hello Lovely. However, when I received it, I was extremely disappointed. The covers are adorable and the swag wasn’t bad. However, the books themselves are where my frustrations lie. When I am purchasing a full series of books, there is an expectation for a certain aesthetic for my book shelf. So when I opened the box, and not only were there 2 books that the page colors were different, but one of the books was an entirely different size. This is something that could have easily been avoided, and also corrected. However, instead of Hello Lovely taking the time to ensure a perfect product, they pushed out an imperfect set. I am under the impression that there were people who received books that were an exact match, but I can not confirm this information.

But truth be told, because of my disappointment in the quality of checks that should be added to a book box of this nature, it makes me question whether or not I will be purchasing from Hello Lovely again in the future.   Especially when spending a significant amount of money on a product that I was excited to own.