Blow Me Away | Billie Bloom

In desperate need of a date for his sister’s destination wedding after the best man broke his heart Noah seeks the help of his best friend.  Her suggestion is her very straight brother, Nick.  Noah never thought the hottie would agree, but Nick is in desperate need for some cash and a free vacation. Noah has himself a hot fake boyfriend for the destination wedding. Noah is a very smart guy. He is currently in grad school, and has big plans for his future with big goals.  He is outgoing but not the stereotypical gay man.  I LOVE that Billie did that, I am not about stereotypes.  Noah is awesome.  He is funny, super smart, and has a big heart.  He has no interest in helping a straight man practice, he is not interested in getting his heart broken again.  I totally felt for Noah.  He has already had his broken once in recent months, he wasn’t ready for that to happen again.  

Then there is Nick.  I really adored him.  Nick really jumped right into the fake boyfriend thing, and was more than happy to rub it into Noah’s ex.  Nick is a college hockey player and a senior.  He is really unsure of what his future holds, and is a little envious that Noah has it all figured out.  But Nick really doesn’t know what his future holds, and he doesn’t feel good about it.  But he does know he likes spending time with Noah.  The pair have a lot of similar interests and they enjoy each other’s company, it doesn’t feel surface level and fake like so many college relationships are. I love the fake relationship trope, so I was fully prepared for this to be a slow burn  But I was happily surprised that it wasn’t that slow! Noah gives Nick a lot to think about and when the pair kiss the reaction Nick had was not what he expected.  I love that it was a surprise but he wasn’t going to stew on it and wasn’t awful to Noah. 

While the pair is young I appreciated that they continued to have open conversations about what was happening and feelings. The connection they have is very evident.  And when they are together there are lots of sparks, and it is hot! I love how they take it slow, but that doesn’t mean they keep their hands to themselves and lots of experimenting happens for Nick. While it confuses him, he also knows that it has never been like this before.  But what will happen when they aren’t in Hawaii anymore? 

Do you love a spicy MM with a bi-awakening? I would highly recommend this book.  It is funny and steamy! You will be cheering for this couple from the start! I dove right into their Nice Guys Finish First- Bromance Chronicles series after this book! All pretty quick reads and available in KU!