Binge reading… do you or don’t you.

To binge or not to binge, that is the question.

Are you a binge reader? I binge like it’s nobody’s business. But with that there comes some issues. There are some authors that when a new book is released I can’t wait to read it. But then I am impatiently waiting for book two or six or 10. But when that FINAL book in the series is released, I almost always do a binge re-read in the series before the new book drops. When I personally binge, I do a lot of books in a little bit of time. And I only read that series.

I think one of the best things in life though is finding a new to you author that has a big back list. Then proceed to binge entire series one by one by one until you have read all of the books that author has to offer. The downside of that is, now you have to wait for those releases in real time.

What other factors lead to a binge?

A series that has so many overarching stories or truly engaging characters that you can’t put a series down. The stories that pull you in and don’t let go. But sometimes, you want that wait. You want to theorize. Guessing what the author is going to do next.

Binge reading is one of my favorite ways to get out of a slump. If you have been following the podcast, then you know about The Perfect Gentlemen QSR series we are doing. This is one series that I didn’t want to put down. There are so many pieces of this story that you don’t want it to stop. Read this post for more information on the series that I wanted to binge but couldn’t.

Binge at will fellow readers.

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