The Perfect Gentleman Series and the chaos that followed

Becky has recommended this series to me since we met. I held off on reading it, for some unknown reason. This year, we made some changes on the podcast and decided to add in a new quick shot of review series in which we review one series over multiple episodes. If you listen to the podcast, you know this has been TORTURE. Mainly because Becky made rules.

The rules are laid out as this. I could read a book in the series. Then I was not allowed to read the next book in the series until we recorded the 20 minute quick shot episode. Now as a person who LOVES a good binge, this was rough. But it was even worse because the way this series plays out. There are so many things happening in The Perfect Gentleman. (Check out the show notes to book one here)

The series itself is a five book series with an overarching storyline. You MUST read this story in order because you will miss out on so many of the intricacies of the backstory. Honestly, while I complained about this whole process, it was fun and amazing. And our community jumped on board with me in the best way. Murder boards were created, live DM reactions were sent, and there were conspiracies abound.

That being said… this is a series that you DO NOT want to miss. While it is not a KU series, check your library. We found that while not all libraries are created equal, this series was found in almost all of our contributor’s spaces in one way or another.

As I type this, not all of the Quick Shot of Romance episodes have dropped on our podcast feed. But you should give them a listen. Be warned… we do spoil these books, and I thrive on the chaos of the conspiracies.

Want to hear some of this chaos (and my complaining live), check out our Quick Shot of Reviews!!

Listen here!!