Big Shot | Kat Mizera

Who knew hockey in Ft. Lauderdale would be so hot! Book #2 in Kat Mizera’s Lauderdale Knights series is quickly becoming one of my favorite new series! After meeting both Jude and Chloe in book one I was eager to get their story.  

The Knights are a brand new expansion team and Jude is new to southern Florida after playing the bulk of his career in Alaska…talk about a change of scenery! Jude is not one of the young guys on the team, and I love the leadership role he took on after he was entrusted to take some young guys under his wing.  Jude is really one of those heroes that warms your heart.  He is kind, generous and seems to always know what to say.  But deep down he is also a little insecure after a relationship ending. 

Chloe is busy wrapping up her education and residency to become a Doctor.  I adored Chloe, who is best friends with the heroine in the previous book.  Chloe is smart, feisty, and so caring.  I love how on the outside the world thinks she has it all together but internally she is struggling.  I really related to her, as sometimes the thing you think you want the most, in the end isn’t what you want at the time.  She is such a hard worker and obviously super intelligent to have made it this far.  Chloe is working in a program that sends her short term to locations around the world to improve people’s health.  She really thinks that she doesn’t have time for a relationship due to her job.  She and Jude fall into a fun friendship with benefits that quickly morphs into pretty consistently spending all their free time with each other.  

Both Chloe and Jude are extremely successful in their careers that are very demanding.  But Chloe holds back and Jude is fearful to push for more.  As the pressure mounts for both of them I love how they each navigate the pressure and who they rely on.  My heart really broke for both of them, and I really loved how they found their way to each other.  This book was so realistic to real life, relationships are hard.  Jobs and other commitments are difficult, but weathering a storm together makes you stronger as a couple.  These two are really amazing and I loved their support system is equally amazing.  The cameos and introduction to new teammates was perfect and I am eagerly anticipating book #3 in this awesome series!