Wild Mistake by Kim Loraine

Luke Wilde is the middle Wilde brother.  Luke recently got his heart broken and finds himself at his ex’s wedding to make the statement that he is fine.  But is he really?  

Mackenzie is the twin sister of his best friend.  When Mackenzie left their small town to spread her wings.  Fate brought Mackenzie home after a break up of her own, and right in the path of Luke…who is her twin brother’s best friend.  They have always been off limits for each other. But they can be friends, right.  Just friends.  

After reading Sutton’s story, Luke’s younger brother, I knew that Luke was going to melt my heart.  He comes across as the funny playboy but deep down he is really looking for his one true love.  Mackenzie has always had a little crush on Luke but knew he would never look at her twice because he was her brother’s best friend.  As the pair reconnect they decide to take a Hawiian vacation that Luke won for his honeymoon. A very romantic vacation. This vacation would be a time for them each to mentally get over their break up, recharge, and be ready to face the town refreshed.  Well, the attraction and connection is pretty intense between these two and they decide to embark on a vacation friends with benefits arrangement.  I mean nothing will go wrong there and feelings won’t be caught, right?  Especially since they each harbor life long crushes? I thoroughly enjoyed reading this pair rationalize their arrangement to themselves.  And from the get go I felt like they both knew it was going to go sideways, but they just could not resist each other.  And really isn’t that the way you would want your love story to be?  Where you could not keep your hands off each other.  When a family emergency brings the pair home early, they work really hard to stick to their arrangement.  But the reality is they were drawn to each other, and not in just the physical sense.  I think this is where Loraine’s story telling shined in this book.  I could feel the pull they had towards each other and I was so ready for them to just come together.  And they way that Luke showed Mackenzie that he was all in.  Oh my stars.  It was perfect.  How they each came to their own realization that they belong together.  

In so many books with families sometimes the other members of the family take over the book, and it is not the case with this one.  While Loraine introduces us to Mackenzie’s family, especially her brothers she gives us just enough to want more of them.  And the Wilde boys, while their relationship is a little fractured, are working hard to become the family they want to be….and it really made me want more of them!  I cannot wait for the next book in this series, and the next series The Irresistible Langstons! If you love small towns, family romances, with a little humor you are going to want to read this book. Kim Loraine has quickly become a must read author for me!