Why we re-read

As a book lover and a librarian, I am constantly asked why I reread certain books especially if they are in a larger series and I don’t continue rereading the whole series. The answer is quite simple really. I reread these books because they are comfort books. Everyone has something that comforts them when they are going through trying times or just need a little pick-me-up. For some it’s food, others music or movies but generally for book lovers it is a favorite book. If you were to ask me what my comfort books are I would tell you that they are Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn (Kenyon) McQueen and Spell of the Highlander by Karen Marie Moning. These two were my first introductions into the romance genre and have continued to hold a place in my heart since. I reread them because it’s like visiting an old friend.

True, I know how the story is going to end but with a romance you always know that there is a Happily Ever After waiting. For me it isn’t the ending of the story but the journey in it. These two take me away from whatever problems I may be facing at the time without any surprises or suspense for the characters. As I’ve developed my love for this genre, I have a list of books that are wonderful rereads when I just don’t feel like something new but the two mentioned in this post are the two that I turn to whenever I really need that extra comfort. I own them in both physical and e-book format so no matter where I’m at if I need these books they are there for me. I will probably always get the question about why I reread when there are so many other books out there that I haven’t read and that’s okay. But now you know, that for me, it’s all about comfort and visiting those old friends. 

Stay well,


Bookishly Romantic