Review: Unsupervised. by S.M. Shade

De-café Review:

Kelly Bryant: Kelly is breaking free from her wealthy parents’ control.  She is trying college and for the first time in her life she is completely on her own.  She does have some support from her older brother and 3 roommates.  Kelly struggle to find her path is completely relatable.  Not everything is perfect on the first try.  

Layton Aldrich: Layton himself is struggling with his own path in life.  He is an economics professor at the local college, but he isn’t sure teaching is his passion.  I

The spark of Kelly and Layton seem to have instant spark of attraction but there is a slow burn quality to it.  It takes both awhile to act on and move forward on their attraction.  I love the added push of them together by Layton’s grandmother, she was a surprise and wonderful addition to the story.  Midnight the dog was also a great surprise comic relief.   

This was a perfect lighthearted New Adult rom-com.  New Adult is not a typically subgenre I love but I do like an age gap.             I felt S.M. Shade gave the perfect background to the character of Kelly to explain her lack of worldly knowledge.  I excited to read the stories of the supporting characters in this book.  She created a world that was realistic and relatable.  I enjoyed watching the evolution of Kelly and I was a little disappointed to not get a bigger glimpse of her future.    I had so many laugh out loud moments in this book!  The quirkiness of the situations and the characters was fantastic.  This was the perfect balance of laughter and romance. This was the perfect escape for me and a 4/5

 I have not read the original “VioleNt Circle” books but I will be going back.