Review: Only One Mistake by Natasha Madison

Rating: 4/ 5
Series: Only One Book #6
Trope: Hockey Romance, One Night Stand, Surprise Pregnancy , instant attraction
PoP: 20%

I love the Crazy that is the Horton Family. There is something about them. They are like this tornado of chaos and love that once they are there, they leave their mark on you.  The Stone/Horton Family might be one of my most favorite families of Romance

I was so excited for Michael Horton’s book. At the end of Only One Regret, I had a feeling that Michael’s story was going to be just the sprinkling of chaos we have come to expect from the Hortons. Michael and Jillian are a couple that is destined to be. 

Michael is an over-the-top hero. He loves big and he loves hard just form the beginning.  He also has this sweetness and charming nature about him.  Another part of Michael I found was his very close relationship with his dad, Max. At times I felt like Michael’s relationship with his family actually overshadowed his relationship with Jillian.

Jillian Williams reluctantly goes out on a blind date and her hesitancy is what leads her conundrum.  Stood up and a chance meeting with a mystery guys leads to some unexpected results. 

The pacing of this story is FAST. Adding to the mix is a pregnancy the first night they are together and this a decent insta-love surprise pregnancy story.  At times the story moves so fast it is hard to get a grasp on just who Jillian is.  It is very clear from the beginning we know who Michael is. He is a stand-up guy who is passionate about his sport and his family.  Jillian at times I felt like she was a bit of a bystander in her own love story.   I just wanted more of their relationship. I wanted to see Jillian evolve more as a characters.  She willing went a long with things and never seems to true show who she is. I felt like if a dynamic character as Michael was going to fall to for her she had to be more than beautiful.  But we never really get to know her, small glimpses but not enough. 

Overall, this story felt a little flat for me. There are big emotions and I loved seeing all the Horton “Crazy”. The fast-paced nature of the story takes away from actual development of the characters and of their relationship.  I wanted to get to know more. I also felt for a hockey romance there was not a lot of hockey. Hardly any team engagement or how being traded to a team under the circumstances he was, that maybe there should have been more to play on Michael’s mind.  This is a very low angst book, but for a romance the relationship dynamic was in second place to the family chaos.