Ep 79: Year in Review Best of 2021 Part Deux.

On this Episode of Buzzing about Romance Becky and Leah are wrapping up their personal Year in Reading.  In this episode we will go Month by Month from Dec 2020 to Nov 2021 and share with you our top read of the month.

We will also announce our 2 top reads of 2021.  A few honorable mentions to add to the list

2021 had a lot of great an amazing books.  We found some new favorites authors.  We are excited to share all with you.   

Part I

The basics as given by Goodreads.


  1. Shortest Book: Scoring Position by Mimi Kinley 57 pgs  
  1. Longest Book: Dr Stanton by TL Swan 619 Pgs  
  1. Average Book Length 224 Pgs  
  1. Average Rating given 4.2  
  1. First Reads of 2021 Ever After Always by Chloe Liese   


  1. Shortest book: Devlin by Parker Kincaid 19 pages 
  1. Longest Book: Hot Shot Starter Set by Lynn Raye Harris 1560 pages (a full series) 
  1. Average book Length 155 pages 
  1. Average Rating Given: 4.4 
  1. First review of 2021: Party for Two by Elisa Leigh 

Year of reading for us   

New to us authors 

  • Samanthe Beck 
  • Mariah Ankenman 
  • Delta James 
  • Stacey Lynn 
  • Emma Renshaw 
  • Nyssa Kathryn 
  • Maya Banks 
  • Rhenna Morgan 
  • Ruby Dixon 
  • Elise Faber 
  • Marie James 


J Saman 

Krista Sandor 

Brittainy Cherry  

Julia Wolf  

Xio Axelrod 

Roan Parrish 

Serena Akeroyd 

Giana Darling  

Kelly Elliot  

Most read Author of 2021  


  • Gina Azzi 
  • Catherine Cowles 
  • Jiffy Kate 
  • J Saman 
  • Serena Akeroyd 


  • Lani Lynn Vale  
  • Anna Hackett 
  • Katie Reus  

Best New Sports Team  

  • The Boston Hawks by Gina Azzi –Becky  
  • Arizona Vegeance by Sawyer Bennett-Leah 

Debut Author in 2021 

  • Pru Warren  
  • Ofelia Martinez 
  • A.B. Wilson  
  • Kate Pembrooke  
  • EH Lyon  

Best of 2021.  
Hon. Mention Categories  

Best Novellas

Honorable Mention Books/Authors



Part II

Leah and I are going to break down what our top read of each month of 2021 but we are starting with Dec of 2020.  Which means that next year’s episode we will start with Dec of 2021.  There are so many good books releasing at the end of Dec 2021 we did not want to risk missing a possible favorite.   Please Note these books  were published in that Month, doesn’t mean we read it the month it came out. 

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