What is PoP?

If you follow the reviews on Bookcase and Coffee or Quick Shots of Romance episodes on Buzzing about Romance, you will notice that in our reviews we have started to give books a PoP number. 

We have noticed that a spicy or steam level in books is very subjective. People’s preference or tolerance for the sexy is going to be very different and if a book is a level 4 steam for you it likely is not going to be a level 4 for me.  (I have a high spice tolerance.)

One thing that I often check on is the percentage of a book that I have read when there is finally steamy interaction on the page, thus the PoP.

What is PoP?

PoP is the Putout Percentage of a book.  Putout Percentage is the percentage of the book read before there is on page sexual activity. This is not limited to just sex.  It can be a very sexy phone sex scene, mutual masturbation, or very heavy (I mean heavy make out).  You can even count a fairly sexy dry humping scene. 

This also allows you to gage if a book is going to be more sexually explosive than you are comfortable with.  On the flipside if you are someone that must be in the mood for a slow burn this will also let you know that it might be 74% of a book before the book PoPs. 

So here are some titles and their PoP:

Newspaper Nanny by Maren Moore: 47% (oral sex) 71% (PV action)

Maverick by Juliana Stone : 24 %

Doctor Scandalous by J Saman 13%

Marriage Contract by Katee Robert 36%

Think Outside the Boss by Olivia Hayle 11%