Until Ireland by T.L. Reeve and Michele Ryan

Rating: 5/5
Steam: 3/5
Angst: 3/5
Trope: Age-gap; suspense; instant connection
Series: Happily Ever Alpha World Standalone
POV: Dual 1st person

I try to read every single Happily Ever Alpha World book that comes out. And lately they haven’t met my expectations for what I feel is the essence of the BOOM. However, from the first page of this book I felt those ARR vibes and I loved every second of it. TL Reeve and Michele Ryan got everything right with the way they portray the BOOM. The true fundamental part of the alpha of a Happily Every Alpha World book. Mack and Ireland had that instant and intense moment from the second that their bodies were cognizant of each others. Which is exactly what I want and expect from a book that holds true to the Mayson family BOOM. Ireland is such a strong and independent person who has no qualms about putting jerks in their place when they think that she is incapable of being the amazing mechanic and boss that she is. Yes, she is reeling from some craptastic things in her not so distant past, but what dhe does in the end to correct them is nothing short of bada**. Mack, what can I say, the moment he lays eyes on Ireland he sticks his foot into his mouth and can’t seem to stop. But he knows how much an idiot he is being but can’t seem to stop. His BOOM has rendered him dumb, and he fully accepts and acknowledges that. His devotion to Ireland from the MOMENT that they meet is exactly what I want in a story set in this world.