Stone | Sawyer Bennett

After reading Baden I wasn’t so sure that I needed Stone’s book.  He wasn’t someone that I was drawn to.  Well friends, I am so happy that Sawyer Bennett shared Stone with us. I even braved reading Stone on a plan in February. After the Pittsburgh Titan’s tragedy and Stone’s brother, Brooks is killed, he is pulled up from the AHL to play for his brother’s former team, which is his second shot at the NHL.  He already has reservations about it and closes himself off from the team.  The lawyer for his brother’s estate does not stop badgering him.  Friends, this cute meet is EPIC.  It just cracks me up! 

Harlow is taken by surprise when she becomes the executor of her friend Brooks’ will.  She knows going in that Stone is going to balk at the idea.  But it is the last thing Brooks asked of her. It is clear that Brooks and Harlow had a special connection and as their friendship story unfolds it warms your heart.  As Stone warms to Harlow and Harlow to Stone they grieve together.  Harlow is simply amazing. She is hands down the best heroine I have read to date.  She makes no apologies for living her life in the way that makes her happy.  She is doing the work she has always dreamed of.  Stone on the other hand has a lot of regrets and does not have the support system that Harlow does.  Harlow is fierce, knows her worth and is not afraid to ask for what she wants but she also does not put up with anything less than she deserves.  She pushes Stone to the edge of his comfort zone, and continues to push and support him along the way.  In turn Stone see’s the strong, independent woman that she is and loves and supports her in a way that only he can.  

I won’t lie, this book GUTTED me.  I cried so many times while reading this book that my husband and flight attendant had to check in on me to make sure I was okay.  Stone’s story is one I never knew I needed but I am so glad that I don’t have to live without it. Sawyer told us that this series would gut us and it would be painful putting this team back together, and did not lie to us friends.  This book has been on my mind and heart long after reading it.  I am still making connections from her previous books.  This book is not one you want to miss.  This is a MUST read book.