Rating: 4/5
Steam: 4/5
Angst: 3/5
Trope: Small Town; Instant connection
Series: Happily Ever Alpha World
POV: Dual 1st person POV

This Happily Ever Alpha World book gave me all the feels from the BOOM that I needed. I loved the dynamic between Cinder and Sebastian. He wanted to take her and protect her from all the bad in her life. She wanted to prove to herself that she is capable of being more than who she used to be. I love the fact that even though Sebastian felt the BOOM he was more than willing to work his way into Cinder’s life in such a way that he was ingrained into her soul. We got those little snippets of the Mayson’s that we love. There are a couple things about the book that I didn’t love but understand they the author went the way that she did. Which is the only reason I gave it a four star. This I my first read by Amanda Faye, but I will be giving her another chance in the near future.