Trusting Molly by Susan Stoker

Rating: 5/5
Steam: 2/5
Angst: 2/5
Trope: Suspense; Protector; Slow Burn
Series: Silverstone Book3
POV: 3rd person POV

Susan Stoker never gives me a book that I do not like. She is one of my one-click authors that never fails to give me the exact book that I need and want from her. This book is no different. Molly and Smoke have an instantaneous connection when they meet in a spectacular way. I adored Mark “Smoke” Chamberlin and his devotion to Molly from the get to, his ability to allow her to grow as a person because of his support and understanding of her. I loved the way in which Molly feels this deep intense connection with Mark and is 100% about the person he is, and not what he can do for her. She grows so much in this book because of his ability to bring out the positives of her life. This book follows a little bit different of a formula for Ms. Stoker, but only in the way the book plays out. We get those typical rescue, fall in love, become part of family, dark moments, and happily ever after. But the way in which they play out in this book are a little bit different and I really enjoyed the differences we got. Molly and Mark along with the rest of the Silverstone team. I am looking forward to what Gramps has in store for him.