Tink: Elite 8 Studio * Book 3 | Emmy Sanders

Alex is one of those characters that stands out in books.  He is everybody’s friend and everybody adores him. He can make friends with everybody, but really only a select few he allows to see deep inside himself.  

Rowan might possibly be the sweetest most tender character I have read in a long time.  He has the kindest, sweetest soul, but has a low opinion of himself.  

Finn sees people, and he notices things that others might miss, and he can read people so well.  He also is so open minded.  But mostly he cares.  He wants those around him to be happy and loves to take care of his people. 

Tink and Rowan immediately connect.  It was supposed to be a fun hook-up but they are truly drawn to one another, and staying away from one another is difficult.  Then there is Rowan and Finn.  These two also have a deep connection they built over time as friends…but both want to be more than friends.  How this trio evolved from two couples to a throuple was perfection.  Their relationship was so beautiful.  The characters really got to know one another, and it wasn’t just about sex.  That is not to say that this book is not amazingly sexy and so steamy, because it 100% is.  But that is not all it is.  Alex, Rowan, and Finn work hard at building a friendship and a deep connection with each other.  This trio deeply cares about one another, have each other’s backs, and support each other in ways others have never done for them in the past.   Alex and Finn have a little bit of a slow burn, and get to know each other.  I also love how each of them had their little quirks and how it played into the relationship. Individually each of these characters are stellar, but together they are magic! I feel like sometimes when you read a throuple it doesn’t feel authentic, but this felt so authentic. It was so clear to the reader and side characters that whatever Alex, Rowan, and Finn had together would never be amazing without all three of them.  This trio was truly made for one another!  If you love an amazing found family, sassy twink, two bears with giant hearts, and people finding love after being hurt this book is definitely one you are going to want to pick up!