Ep 118: Trope Talk- Are they really Grumpy?

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance we are going to talk about the tropes Grumpy Sunshine vs Opposites Attract vs Alphahole.  Is being an asshole the same as being a grump.  We are going to talk about the mislabeling of the trope Grump Sunshine and some alternative Tropes or Labels.  We will also provide you with some book recs of what we consider the best examples of both Opposites Attract and Grumpy/Sunshine   

Opposites Attract Trope – It is all but guaranteed that the characters’ differences will cause more friction than harmony between them.  Think of the Odd Couple or Unlikely Couple.  Bickering and mushiness in one package  

Alphahole- is a prick and he doesn’t care what others think about him. An alpha knows what he wants and goes after it but he knows the limits. Alpha holes have no limits. 

Grumpy Sunshine – two people with opposite personalities meet, one a positive and upbeat person and the other a grumpy and pessimistic person, and learn to love each other.  

Small cavate about using the word “reverse”. I think it started when people used the term Reverse Harem to distinguish that it was one female and multiple males..  That being said I think using the term Revers in front of Grumpy Sunshine or age-gap to indicate the female lead is the grumpy or older one is not needed.  I think it is sexist.  One Women do not have to always be sunshine they can be grumpy.  I think in society it is ok for the male to have his deals while the women should just put a smile on and be ok.   I think it is ok to say – Grumpy-sunshine, she is the Grump or Age –Gap she is older.  So let’s drop the reverse..   

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