This book grabs you and sucks you in from page one.  You become totally absorbed into the story.  We have lots of different points of view with all the characters that are in play but it is so well done you can’t help but immerse yourself into the story!

This story is intense! It is exactly what you want from a psychological thriller.  It is captivating and all consuming. 

A serial killer on the loose, bizarre characters and you find yourself seconding guessing who is who and who did what!

This story has a lot of pieces and the web it spins.  Some of the pieces fit nicely where you think they belong others leave you questioning your own sanity.  The twist and the turns of the story line keep you engaged and then BAM! The ending! OMG THE ENDING!

The story line in this story is good, but it is also filled with some great characters.  Each character is constantly being built up throughout the story. It is gradual adding to the suspense of the plot.  There are some very emotional moments for the characters causing some big feels.  The element of surprise and fear is there.  This is a well-done thriller.  While not my typical genre I loved this.  I would recommend this to everyone who likes a well-done psychological thriller.  This writing duo has done a phenomenal job.  This was a 5/5 read for me.  I cannot recommend this enough