Review: Ninth Inning

I love Sports Romances!  I love them so much!  There is something magical about strong athletic men.  This is my first time venturing into one of Jenn Sterling’s worlds.  The Ninth Inning takes us to the drama of Fulton State and cocky young baseball players.  It includes everything I crave in a sports romance and it kept me up all night. I just couldn’t put it down; I was completely captivated by Cole and Christina’s story.

Cole character provides instant lust and affection for the reader.   He’s a little bit of possessiveness and a whole lot of vulnerability. Cole is very driven. His goal in live is to play baseball professionally. He has complete tunnel vision on this.  He is convinced that girls are a distraction and avoids them at all cost. This is his senior year, his last chance to be drafted into the majors and girls are not worth the risk.  Cole is not your stereotypical ball player.  There is so much more to him.  And once you dig beneath his mask to what is underneath, you are totally in love.  You find this wonderful and loving guy, who is totally swoon worthy. 

Christina is such a headstrong heroine, who I connected with.  She is very passionate about her work. Having been hurt before you guard her heart.  But it is hard to protect your heart when the one person who caused her pain wants her forgiveness and a second chance.

The attraction between Cole and Christina is electric. You can just feel the electrifying chemistry whenever these two are together.  Seeing the progression of their feelings for one another made the story for me. But you know it isn’t going to be easy for them to have their homerun. 

J. Sterling has a fantastic writing style.  She moves the pages and the story along very well.  I loved the unexpected twists in this book and fabulous secondary characters who you instantly long for their stories.    The Ninth Inning is a great sports romance at its best! It’s fast paced, full of sexual tension and passion. I am in love with Christina and Cole’s story and I can’t wait for more of The Boys of Baseball! This was a 4/5 read for me.  I had a couple of issues with Cole.  Since Baseball season has been delayed this is a great way to celebrate spring and opening day.