Review of Reckless Rebel

If everyone you have ever loved left you, could you ever feel safe enough to open your heart to love? 
This the ultimate question in the book Reckless Rebel. It is a heavy question.  I wasn’t sure where this story was going to go but for a book that is about 300 pages it went deep and cut to so super intense emotions.   

Asher and Kenlyn’s first meet is one for the books.  Kenlyn is on her way to see with her own eyes her boyfriend in the act of cheating on her.  He is currently at a restaurant across town being cozy with another woman.  In her haste to catch him she takes a step off the curb in the middle of the street.  Strong solid hands catch her and pull her back before she walks out into traffic.  She thanks the stranger as she keeps walking towards the restaurant. As she comes to the window of the restaurant she see the boyfriend in an embrace with the other woman.  Ash saves the moment by hitting his hands on the window of the restaurant drawing everyone’s attention and proceeds to plant a very nice, toe curling kiss on Kenlyn.  Kenlyn so stunned by the action she walks away…    

Kenlyn comes face to face with her rescuer when she accompanies her best friend to a tattoo shop.  From this moment forward the sparks fly. 

Kenlyn is resistant to allow Asher in. She puts walls up and says no to any offer of Ash getting to know her better.  Ash himself holds Kenlyn at a distance also. His past with her past leads to so many big moments for them.  For two people who have the capability to love big they are so afraid of not being loved in return that they push away and run from every chance they are given. 

This is story with big love, even big heartache and you rooting from the sidelines for the HEA.  If every there were two characters who deserved a HEA it is Kenlyn and Ash.  Both deserved to be loved.  Both deserve to know that love can heal and that the risk is always worth it.  T.C. Mateson is a new to me author, but if she writes other characters with this much real emotion, I am all in!

This was a 5/5 read for me.  I love the quick reads of the Cocky Hero Club.  This one packs a large punch and is one of the best I have read.  There is a realness about the characters.  Their doubts and fears bring so much awareness to the story. This was an incredible read!  Highly Recommend!

**Reckless Rebel is a complete standalone inspired by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward’s Stuck-Up Suit.**