Review- Bridesmaid for Hire by Meghan Quinn

Initially hesitant about Meghan Quinn’s writing, “Bridesmaid for Hire” pleasantly surprised me with its readability despite some noticeable flaws. The storyline, however, suffers from unnecessary length, especially during the transition from conflict to resolution, leading to pacing issues. Moreover, the protagonist, Brody, failed to captivate me; his portrayal as “middle management” and self-labeling as a “cinnamon roll” left him feeling uninspiring and somewhat pitiful.

My main concern lies in Quinn’s verbose writing style, which relies heavily on excessive description, detracting from the overall enjoyment. In the prologue, Brody’s introduction as a “frat bro” hinted at a more dynamic character, but he ultimately falls flat as a lackluster beta hero.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Bora Bora, “Bridesmaid for Hire” follows Maggie and Brody as they navigate a fake relationship, complete with classic romance tropes like the brother’s best friend, fake relationship, and close proximity. Despite its flaws, the novel shines in its portrayal of Maggie, a poised and assertive character who contrasts well with Brody’s anxious demeanor.

While the chemistry between Maggie and Brody is palpable, the story truly excels in its comedic moments and steamy bedroom scenes. Quinn masterfully intertwines banter and hijinks into the narrative, offering genuine moments of hilarity and heat.

The audiobook rendition by Erin Mallon and Jason Clarke enhances the experience, with Clarke’s gravelly voice capturing Brody’s emotions flawlessly and Mallon embodying Maggie’s wit and charm effortlessly.

In conclusion, “Bridesmaid for Hire” delivers a mix of romance, comedy, and sensuality, featuring memorable characters and promising hints at future storylines. Despite its shortcomings, fans of Meghan Quinn’s work will appreciate the interconnectedness of her universe and find enjoyment in this entertaining escapade.

Book Stats:
Rating: 2/5
Series: Bridesmaids
Tropes: Brother’s Best Friend, Fake Relationship, One Bed, Vacation Fling, Close Proximity, Wedding, age-gap
Type of Series: Standalone  
POV: dual 1st person  
Put out percentage: 49& Toy scene – PV 67%  
Audio narrators if you did the audiobook: Erin Mallon and Jason Clark – Duet Narration  
Where it is available: Kindle Unlimited  
3rd act break up – yes