Review: The Catch by Lauren H Mae

Lets break down the characters first. 

Catia- She is a bit of a hard nut to crack.  She keeps everyone at arm’s length.  Seems unsure of herself when it comes to relationships.  She is very much about controlling the situations.  Cat was raised in a very typical traditional household, yet her parents were not big on outwardly affection.  Cat does have a huge extended family but even with in that she seems to have a loneliness. 

Josh- Married young and divorced.  He lost his parents at a young age and is looking for a family/softplace to land.  He is an only child. After the sudden loss of his parents he is sent to live with his grandfather.  Josh’s grandfather is a hard man and Josh’s parents were very loving and showed their love for each other and him. Josh comes off as this “well adjusted” individual even after so much loss.  He has a calmness about him and easy-going personality. 

A chance meeting for these two while on vacation leads to the love story of a lifetime. Seriously who finds their soul mate in a bar?  Cat has a lot of trouble coming to grips with just that concept.  She is super resistant to any advance Josh makes.  When they learn they live about an hour apart, Josh thinks it is fate, Cat thinks it will be a problem. 

I do love a good meet cute!  For Josh and Catia it is perfect!  Cat’s best friend Dani is flirting with some guy at a pickup bar looking to have fun and get free drinks.  Cat is not feeling it, she wants to be anywhere but there.  When Dani realizes that the guy, she is flirting with is a dud, she approaches Josh and pretends he is her boyfriend they have been waiting for.  Josh is instantly draw to the more reserved Cat. Once Josh’s friends are drawn into the crazy of the situation Josh is instantly trying to find a moment alone with Cat.

Josh and Cat do not have an easy road to their HEA.  As Cat continues to be resistant to her feelings for Josh and it slowly shows the cracks in Josh’s perfections.  Cat’s is so stubborn and slow in her trust of Josh.  When things blow up it is in epic proportions and Josh just shuts down. 

There are a couple of side/supporting relationships that add to the story.  Both characters have these great friend groups.  Some of the characters are a little crazier than others.  There are bromances and girlfriends who seem to have all the answers.  We also see some snippets of Cat’s family dynamic. 

This is an instant chemistry romance and a debut novel by the author. I really enjoyed this story! It was recommended by a few of my followers and other bloggers. I highly recommend this it is a fun and flirty read.  This was a 5/5 read for me.  The story line has lot of forward motion.  The characters are memorable and real.