The Player Hater | Sara Ney

Juilet agrees very reluctantly to join her best friend, Mia, on a little get away with her and her boyfriend Thad.  They both thought that they would be heading somewhere warm and relaxing.  Little did the pair know they were headed to the woods for a rustic weekend.  Also, unbeknownst to Juilet, the boyfriend brings his best friend.  The weekend starts because Thad and Mia are in love and Juilet is not yet sold on him. Juliet is positive that Thad is a major player, and lumps his best friend Davis in the mix.  Juliet seems to be dead set on disliking not only Thad, but Davis as well.  As much as she attempts to dissuade Davis and Thad she is enduring.  It is clear that she has a heart of gold, and really wants what is best for her friend.  And she is looking for someone to love as well….she just is unsure of where to look for that person.  

Davis is a retired professional football player.  He has a corporate job, is very close to his family, but there is something or rather someone that is lacking.  He is looking for a partner.  Someone that is interested in him, not what his fame or money can do for them.  But him as a person.  I immediately fell in love with Davis! He is very sensitive and I would definitely classify him as a cinnamon roll…..he surprises you in the best way possible.  Davis is very sweet and takes the role of taking care of Juilet because she really needs someone looking out for her in the woods.  The pair spend a good chunk of time together and before they part start to build a solid friendship and a little spark. 
This book has some of my favorite tropes, forced proximity, a little enemies to lovers, and is very low angst.  Ney does this slow burn well, and leaves us wanting more from this pair because they really do bring out the best in each other.  And when they finally are able to put all their reservations and baggage aside they have some really serious chemistry!  I have also come to the conclusion that Ney loves to tease her readers and have us waiting on the edge of our seats for the next book in the series!