Boone | Sawyer Bennett

Some books and characters come along, and you just know that you will never be the same once you finish their book.  Their story sticks with you and you find yourself thinking of them and how their lives are.  Boone and Lilly are those characters.  They are people you would love to call friends, people you want to spend time with, and love and support them.  It is clear that these two were meant for one another, they both provide something the other needs.  

I immediately connected with Lilly.  She is so loving and takes care of everyone around her….and rarely tends to her own needs. It really broke my heart, if I am being honest.  Her heart is so big.  She also has a huge weight on her shoulders carrying the stress of her family almost entirely on her own.  And it is a lot.  Even for someone with more life experience and help.  But she is doing it on her own. 

Boone also has such a kind soul and sees so much more than the average person.  

I am usually a sucker for adorable meet cute, and while Lilly & Boone’s wasn’t traditional or cute it was definitely theirs and perfectly fit them. I absolutely love how Boone saw Lilly right away, saw the load that she was carrying.  He didn’t swoop in and fix everything only to vanish, he walked alongside her and supported it … .in the way a partner would. Boone knows how strong Lilly is and wants to be the person she leans on.  If there was a book boyfriend that runs around with all the green flags, it is Boone.  This man will hold a special place in my heart (and on my book boyfriend list!) 

I won’t lie, this book broke me in ways I didn’t think it could.  This is not a book to binge, it is a book to sit with, and savor and enjoy. Their road to a happily ever after is hard, and filled with so much emotion.  Bennett gifted us another beautiful couple who’s journey will stay with you. While I encourage everyone to read this book, I do want you to be mindful that there are triggers.  And you should take care of  yourself before reading this book; these can be found on Sawyer’s website. (